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Guide To Improving Mental and Physical Health
Level Up Your Mind and Body! (click each link to go to level)
1. Diet – Eating healthy for physical and mental performance
2. Sleep – +6.5 hours (5 hour minimum, 7-9 preferred)
3. Exercise – High Intensity Exercise, Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, HIIT, etc
Benefits Include:
Improved/Increased: intelligence, cognitive function, memory, mental clarity, focus, mood
Reduced/Decreased: brain fog, lack of energy, laziness, tired lethargic feeling, sluggish feeling, anxiety, depression
Improved/Increased: strength, energy, muscle mass, sleep, skin
Reduced/Decreased: body fat, chances of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and many more
The more levels you complete the more cumulative effects and benefits you will receive!
Interested yet? Keep reading…
This is based on facts, scientific research, and results; not opinions, bias, big businesses/corporations (that only want your money/profit and have no concern for your health and use misleading advertising), government brainwashing, manipulated bad science, pseudoscience, uneducated doctors in nutrition, or media promotion for profit$$$. I have included links of references and videos of the scientific research for this diet proving that it works and for legitimacy, backed up by real major recent studies and highly reputable educated doctors. If you don't believe it, you can look it up yourself. All of the information can be validated by a simple Google search by multiple resources. I have done all of the research for you (well, mostly the scientists who put years into the research and data), and compiled it all into one source for easy reference. To save you the hours of time researching each subject individually. Enjoy, and be healthy!
Hierarchy of Evidence